*Why Pursue Degree in Taiwan
*Taiwan Scholarship
*Application Procedure
*Other Important Information
*Visa Application


  • What types of scholarships and benefits are offered to US Students?
    The three participating agencies funding this program each have a different focus in terms of eligible nationalities and study programs. US students are eligible to apply Ministry of Education (MOE) Scholarship:lAwarded to USA recipients for undergraduate or postgraduate programs, the TECO Offices may designate a pre-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP) to recipients to improve their language abilities.
    Benefits: a monthly stipend of NT$25,000 (approx. US$775, subject to exchange rate) for undergraduate or LEP programs, or NT$30,000 (approx. US$930, subject to exchange rate) for postgraduate programs.
  • Scholarship quotas and designated offices
    In the year 2010, 6 MOE Taiwan Scholarships will be available for applicants from the Southwest areas of the USA. Applicants who have a permanent address or are currently enrolling or have been enrolled within the past 3 years full-time in a university located in the following areas: Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Caroline Islands, Guam, Marshall Islands, Mariana Islands, and American Samoa, please contact:

    Cultural Division
    Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Los Angeles
    3731 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 770
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Ms. Emily Shen at

    American applicants who are not in the above mentioned areas, please check your designated TECO office listed below:

Areas Designated TECO Offices in USA


Designated TECO Offices

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Bermuda Island, Delaware

Cultural Division,Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in the United States

Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Boston

Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

Cultural Division, TECO in San Francisco

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri

Cultural Division,TECO in Houston

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Cultural Division, TECO in Chicago

Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Cultural Division, TECO in New York

Note: Please be advised that each TECO office may have different quotas, guidelines, requirements, selection processes, and even deadlines. Please directly contact your designated TECO office for details by the end of January.

For applicants located outside of the USA, please contact the Taiwan Representative Office located in your country or the nearest country. Check online for your Taiwan Representative Office’s contact information at

  • Can I accept more than one scholarship?
    No, you can only accept ONE type of scholarship offered by a government agency or educational institution (universities and colleges) in Taiwan.
  • What is the maximum duration of each scholarship?
    The award period for each study program is as follows:
    a. Undergraduate program: 4 years
    b. Master’s program: 2 years
    c. Doctoral program: 3 years
    This does not include the Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP) which is for 1 year, and which must be undertaken in the first year if included as part of the scholarship. The total award period for any scholarship cannot exceed 5 years.
  • Does the program begin and end on two specified dates?
    The actual award period begins from the month that you matriculate at your intended institution and ends in the month of program completion. However, the award will be terminated immediately if you drop out, are expelled, have the scholarship revoked, or graduate early.
  • I can not arrive in Taiwan before the annual award periods starts. What can I do?
    Annual award periods are from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. Recipients must matriculate within the award periods, unless approved by the receiving institution and the scholarship funding government agency. If recipients fail to arrive in Taiwan to study without prior approval, their award status will be cancelled and cannot be extended for another year.
  • How would late arrival affect my scholarship?
    If recipients begin their study after the intended study term/quarter has started, their award period will become effective from the month they matriculate at their university/college or Mandarin training center in Taiwan.
    For LEP recipients, no matter if a recipient begins undertaking the language training courses in September or later, the LEP award period expires on August 31 of the following year, even if its duration may be less than the designated one year period.
  • Can I extend the duration of the scholarship?
    No, you cannot extend the duration of the scholarship. Additional study may be taken at your own expense. If so, proof of funds must be provided to the recipient’s scholarship agency and school.
  • Can I re-apply for the Taiwan Scholarship?
    Yes. Upon completion of a degree program, recipients may re-apply for a Taiwan Scholarship to undertake another degree program, by following the application process as specified above. The total award duration of each recipient’s total award period is 5 years. For LEP recipients, upon completion of their LEP study, LEP award recipients may be granted another award period for a degree program through the universities/colleges that they will be attending. Required documents include a photocopy of admission to a university/college and certificates of English proficiency or TOP for their degree studies.
  • After entering into the degree study, will I be able to renew my scholarship automatically every academic year?
    There is a renewal process for every academic year. To review recipients’ award qualifications for the next academic year, individual universities/colleges will conduct an evaluation regarding the Taiwan Scholarship award status for renewal by February 28 of each year.
  • What are the grading criteria to review my award qualification?
    Each educational institution may set their own grading criteria for the required passing minimum academic average for each semester, or may employ the current grading criteria, which is 60 out of 100 for undergraduate and 70 for postgraduates.
    For recipients in the 3rd year of their doctoral program, this evaluation should be conducted in accordance with the regulations of their individual institutions, since systems vary from discipline to discipline, in terms of requirements for session credits and scheduling of the writing of their dissertations.
  • When will I receive the Certificate of Scholarship? What is it for?
    In principle, all recipients will receive one copy of the Certificate of Scholarship from a Taiwanese representative office or embassy before arriving in Taiwan. The certificate is used as a personal financial statement for applying for schools and for obtaining an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).
  • Under what circumstances will my scholarship be terminated early?
    Generally speaking, all awards will end by the last month of their specified award period; however, if recipients graduate, drop out, are expelled from their institutions, violate R.O.C. laws, are given any major demerits, or their scholarship is revoked, whichever comes first, the award will be terminated.


  • How are stipends granted?
    In principle, stipends are granted by the 10th day of each month, through the universities/colleges or Mandarin training centers where the recipients attend and follow the methods as specified by the individual institutions.
  • In what situations will the stipend be suspended?
    A recipient may be suspended scholarship for one month, or for longer period or even being cancelled, if he or she:

A. Degree Programs:

  1. If a recipient fails to achieve a specified minimum academic average for a semester, his/her stipends will be suspended for one month.
  2. If a recipient fails to achieve a specified minimum academic average for two consecutive semesters, he/she will be permanently disqualified from receiving any Taiwan Scholarship awards, effective and beginning from the next academic term (semester).
  3. After a recipient registers at his/her school, if he/she does not attend class or leaves our country without the school’s permission, except for summer and winter vacations, or during the writing thesis period, his/her stipends will be suspended for the months he/she was not in Taiwan. If this situation happens for 2 consecutive months, the scholarship will be cancelled, along with the award status.
  4. For all other cases, the universities will evaluate whether scholarship recipients’ scholarships will be suspended or not.

B. LEP Program:

  1. Attendance Records:
    Except for a serious illness or accident, if a recipient is absent from his/her required language sessions for 12 hours or more during a single month, his/her stipends will be suspended for one month.
  2. Academic Performance:
    Beginning from the second study term/quarter in Taiwan, if a recipient’s academic average for each study term/quarter is less than 80 out of 100, his/her stipends will be suspended for one month.
  3. TOP Rating:
    A one-month-stipend suspension will be imposed if a recipient fails to submit to his/her Mandarin training center, a photocopy of a TOP (Test of Proficiency---Huayu) certificate with results rated at the level for Basic level or above, by June 30th. Registration fees for this TOP test are the full responsibility of the recipient.
    However, LEP award recipients who are subsequently granted a Taiwan Scholarship for a degree program can ask for a reimbursement of the suspended one-month stipend as stated above, through the university/college that they attend for the degree programs within 6 months, if they pass the TOP test.
  • In what situations will the scholarship and remaining stipends be cancelled?
    A recipient may be permanently disqualified from receiving the scholarship and stipends if he or she:

A. Degree Programs:

  1. Failure to submit at the time of matriculation for each study term/quarter, an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) with the reason “Pursuing Studies,” by the deadline as specified by his/her university/college.
  2. Failure during the annual renewal evaluation of his/her Taiwan scholarship.
  3. Failure to submit a photocopy of an acceptable English /TOP proficiency certificate to the university/college, depending on the language of instruction, when transferring to a new program of study.
  4. Dropping out, being expelled from school, violating R.O.C. laws, or receiving any major demerits.
  5. Being simultaneously in receipt of another scholarship or subsidy offered by the Taiwan government or educational institutions. However, this does not include a round trip economy class airfare/ticket for international students from special designated areas or countries.
  6. Recipients facing disqualification situtions will have their cases reviewed by officals from the university and/or the Mandarin training center, in addition to the MOE.

B. LEP Program:

  1. a. Failure to submit at the time of matriculation for each study term/quarter, an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) with the reason “Pursuing Studies,” by the deadlines as specified by his/her Mandarin training center.
  2. Failure to achieve an average academic score of 80 or above out of 100 for two consecutive terms/quarters of study, beginning from the second term/quarter of his/her study in Taiwan.
  3. Missing a final achievement score for any study term/quarter, with the exception of a serious illness or accident.
  4. Dropping out, being expelled from school, violating R.O.C. laws, or receiving any major demerits.
  5. Being simultaneously in receipt of another scholarship or subsidy offered by the Taiwan government or educational institutions. However, this does not include a round trip economy class airfare/ticket for international students from special designated areas or countries.
  • I have not yet received my stipend for this month. Whom should I speak to?
    You will not receive the stipend if you have not achieved the minimum grade requirement. The payment might also be delayed in the first month of the school year due to accounting and/or administrative processes. Therefore, recipients are advised to prepare sufficient funds for tuition fees and living expenses for this period of time. Please first contact your designated school/center officer for inquires or questions in this matter.
  • The amount of tuition exceeds that of my monthly stipend. What should I do?
    The scholarship stipend in principle is sufficient to cover tuition. However, if the amount of your tuition exceeds that of your monthly stipend, please ask your institution if installment plans for tuition payment are available.


  • When should I take the pre-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Program (LEP)?
    The LEP needs to be taken in the first year prior to the degree program. Once the degree program starts, you will not be able to retake the LEP.
  • When and how do I apply for a school?
    Applications are usually accepted between January and April for that year. Please go to for detailed information about universities and colleges in Taiwan.
  • How do I decide on my major?
    This is of your choice. However, please take language level and cost of tuition into consideration when choosing schools and courses.
  • When will I find out if I am accepted by the school?
    Decisions on applications are usually sent between May and July.
  • Where do I register for the Test of Proficiency (TOP)? Which language level should I register for? Will my scholarship agency pay for my TOP registration fee?
    You can register for the TOP 2-4 weeks prior to the test at; the registration fee is NT$1,000 which is the full responsibility of the recipient. You are required to sign up for Basic Level or higher.

Academic Advice

  • I am having trouble understanding classes. What can I do?
    Please speak to your instructor and advisor. If the classes remain too challenging, you have other options including transferring majors or schools. Please note that you are only allowed to transfer schools once and only if the schools approve such a request.
  • What do I need to submit to transfer to another institution?
    After studying for a semester/term/quarter at a university/college or a Mandarin training center, a recipient may be allowed to transfer once during the course of a degree/LEP program, if the pertinent educational institutions approve this request.
    Degree pursuers asking for a transfer to a new institution or program of study must submit to the new institution a photocopy of their English proficiency/TOP certificates, depending on the language of instruction in class. However, the award’s qualification will be revoked from the month when recipients transferred to a new institution. At Mandarin training centers, if recipients have not submitted their TOP certificates while studying at the original center, they must deliver the certificates to the new institution before June 30th.
    Before the award period expires, recipients that want to transfer to a different degree program at another university or college department or graduate school, must re-apply to the original institute of the Taiwan Representative Offices.
    If the recipient’s scholarship term has not yet expired, and the recipient has been admitted to the next level of study by his/ her attending school, then the attending school must submit the scholarship application form filled out by the student, transcripts, and the proof of admission, etc. to the government agencies that fund the scholarship program for approval. The University must also inform the results to the Ministry of Education and the designated office by MOE.
  • My grade is below the class average. Is it possible to have a make-up test?
    There are different sets of guidelines according to schools. Please speak to your instructor and advisor about having make-up tests.
  • Can I change my major within the same institution? If yes, then how?
    Yes, you can change your major within the same institution but only if the institution approves such a request. Please speak to your advisor about the procedure.

Visa Status/ARC and others

  • What is an Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)? How do I apply for it?
    Foreign nationals who have entered Taiwan on resident visas are required to apply for an ARC in order to stay legally in the country. You need to apply for the ARC at your local National Immigration Agency service center within 15 days of arrival. Please note that there is a penalty fine for those who fail to apply for an ARC before expiration (under 10 days: NT$1,000; between 11 and 30 days: NT$3,000; between 31 and 90 days: NT$5,000).
    A list of local service centers can be found on the Information for Foreigners website:
  • How do I extend my Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)?
    You must bring your passport and ARC (within 15 days before the expiration date), student ID card and other necessary documents to your local National Immigration Agency service center. If your ARC has already expired, you must leave Taiwan to apply for a new resident visa at a Taiwanese embassy or representative office, and re-apply for a new ARC at your local National Immigration Agency service center within 15 days after re-entry to Taiwan. Please note that there is a penalty fine for overstaying (under 10 days: NT$1,000; between 11 and 30 days: NT$3,000; between 31 and 90 days: NT$5,000; over 91 days: NT$10,000). Your scholarship agency is not responsible for paying the fine.
    For detailed information, please go to the Information for Foreigners website:
  • I have just finished my Language Enrichment Program (LEP) and there is a one month gap before I enter my school for the degree program. How do I extend my ARC for that one month? Since a matriculation letter is required for a long-term extension, MOE Scholarship recipients are urged to apply for a one month ARC extension before receiving the matriculation letter from the next-stage institution. Please bring your language school student ID card, admission letter from your next-stage institution (as proof of your scholarship status), passport and ARC, to apply for a one-month extension before the transitional gap starts.
  • I have just transferred to a new school but my passport has a visa stamp for the previous institution. Do I need to apply for a new visa to re-enter Taiwan?
    You do not need to re-apply if your visa indicates an “FS” code. You do need to re-apply, however, if your visa indicates an “FR” code which is for LEP students. Please have your scholarship certificate, admission letter, student ID card (stamped by the registrar’s office of your new school), passport and ARC (valid at least for 6 months), and two passport photos ready to update your visa information at your local Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) branch. A list of branch offices can be found on the BOCA website:
  • I have just moved to a new place. Who do I need to notify of my change of address?
    You must update your address at your local National Immigration Agency service center within 15 days after moving. There is a penalty fine for those who fail to change their home address. Fine will be imposed if the change of information is not completed within the time limit (under 10 days: NT$1,000; between 11 and 30 days: NT$3,000, over 31 days: NT$5,000).
  • What is the legal drinking age in Taiwan? What is the law for driving under the influence in Taiwan?
    The legal drinking age in Taiwan is 18. The consequences of driving under the influence in Taiwan are potentially severe. Penalties include an immediate disqualification of the scholarship, up to NT$60,000 fine, possible jail time, and a suspension of driver’s license.


  • Am I allowed to work in Taiwan?
    Please be advised that Taiwan Scholarship recipients are not eligible to work in Taiwan. However, you are allowed to undertake the following two types of internships after completing one academic year and with an approval for internship from your school adviser:
    1. Curricular training internship: relevant to the degree program curriculum.
    2. Curricular practicum: for students required to have fieldwork experience as an integral part of the degree program.
  • How do I apply for an internship work permit?
    Students are allowed to do part-time internships after completing one academic year in Taiwan, however, they must receive approval from their school. Your passport, ARC, and transcript of the previous semester are required for work-permit application. Application forms are available on the website of the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training:
  • What other obligation should I have?
    Recipients should participate in their school’s activities and donate service time to international affairs activities during their award period.

Health Insurance

  • What insurance do I need upon arrival? Will my school and scholarship agency pay for the insurance fees?
    You are required to obtain travel and health insurance, valid for at least four months from the date of your arrival, before you are eligible to participate in the Taiwan’s National Health Insurance plan. If you use your us health insurance and buy travel insurance from abroad, these insurance policies must bear the authentication of your designated TECO office (As how to authenticate, please refer to TECO LA office’s instruction at website). Please note that you are required to have travel and health insurance for matriculation, the fees for which you are responsible. Some schools may be able to enroll you into some insurance plans, please check with your schoool/languae center for details.
  • Am I required to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) system? If so, how do I join?
    It is mandatory that recipients, who have an award period for six months or more, participate in the National Health Insurance Plan(NHI) and purchase policies for Student Accident Insurance during the period of their residence and study in Taiwan. The recipients’ educational institutions may deduct fees for these insurance plans from the recipients’ stipends, before processing and distributing funds to them. Some schools provide students with enrollment services. You will need your passport, ARC, and two passport photos to apply. Please go to the National Health Insurance website for detailed information:
  • What is the consequence for not being covered by NHI?
    In case of serious illness or an accident, you will have to pay for all medical expenses at relatively high rates.
  • What other insurance plans am I required to join?
    You are required to join the Student Accident Insurance plan during your period of study in Taiwan. Most schools provide students with enrollment services. The insurance rate is approximately NT$200-300 per semester.


  • Is my school responsible for housing arrangements?
    Some schools do not provide housing services, so please confirm with your school before arriving in Taiwan. Living in a youth hostel is an economical option while apartment hunting. To find a youth hostel online, please go to the Taiwan Youth Hostel Association website:
  • What do I need to know about renting an apartment in Taiwan?
    Taiwan is generally a safe place to live. Most landlords request a deposit of one or two months’ rent on signing the lease as damage security.
  • Can my scholarship agency help me with housing disputes?
    No, your scholarship agency is not able to help you with housing disputes. Please speak to your school for assistance.