*Why Pursue Degree in Taiwan
*Taiwan Scholarship
*Application Procedure
*Other Important Information
*Visa Application


Introduction to the Taiwan Scholarship

Since 2004, three government agencies in the Republic of China (Taiwan) --- the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan (NSC) --- have jointly sponsored the Taiwan Scholarship Program to encourage outstanding international students to undertake degree programs in Taiwan. The Scholarship provides study opportunities in a wide range of disciplines at Taiwan’s best universities and colleges, including such leading fields as information technologies, international relations and business, Chinese language, literature and art history.

  • How long is the award period?
    The award period for each study program varies as follows:
    a. Undergraduate program: maximum 4 years.
    b. Master’s program: maximum 2 years.
    c. Doctoral program: maximum 3 years.
    d. Mandarin Language Enrichment (LEP): maximum 1 year.
  • Maximum Duration of Combination of Awards
    Upon completion of a LEP or a degree program, a recipient may apply for a scholarship for a degree program leading to a higher degree. However, the total duration of an award for any combination of degree/study programs is a maximum of five years.
  • LEP Award
    The pre-degree LEP award is neither mandatory nor automatically granted; it has to be awarded by R.O.C. Embassies or Representative Offices where the applicant submitted his/her application. The LEP must be undertaken in the first year if it is included in the total award period. If applying for the LEP program during the first year, then the applicant must apply for his/her degree program the second year.
  • Annual Award Period
    The Annual award periods are from September 1st through August 31st of the following year. Recipients must matriculate within the award period unless approved by the receiving institution and the scholarship funding government agency. If recipients fail to arrive in Taiwan to study during this period, their award status will be cancelled and cannot be extended for another year.
    If recipients begin their study after the intended study term/quarter has started, their award period will become effective from the month they matriculate, at their universities/colleges or Mandarin training centers in Taiwan.
  • Expiration of Award
    No matter whether a recipient begins undertaking language training courses in September or later, the LEP award period will expire on August 31st, even if its duration may be less than the designated one year period.
    All awards will end by the last month of their specified award period. However, if recipients graduate, drop out, are expelled from their institutions, violate R.O.C. laws, receive any major demerits, or their scholarships are revoked, whichever comes first, the award will be terminated.