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Other Important Information:

1. What else should applicants do?

Please note that scholarship applications and school admission applications are separate. Applicants are responsible for their application to the university/college or language center that they would like to attend. Applicants who are granted scholarships are not guaranteed admission to any university/college or language center. Applicants much make note of the different deadlines for scholarships and school admission. As for how to apply for admission, please refer to the following section of Taiwan Scholarship FAQ

Applicants need to submit a copy of the admission letter to their designated TECO Office in order to secure their scholarship by no later than June 20th. Late submission of these documents will be deemed as a waiver for accepting the scholarship. Candidates will be disqualified if they fail to pass the application review process of respective language centers.

2. Selection Process:

In principle, selection priority will be given to those who have successfully secured admission to a university/college and potentially will be capable of completing the degree study. Participants in the Test of Proficiency-Huayu (TOP), held by the Cultural Division, TECO office will also be considered with priority.

Applications will be reviewed; applicants may be interviewed, if necessary, and will be notified of the preliminary result of the selection by the designated TECO Office by no later than April 30 th of that year.

After an admission acceptance letter is received, the designated TECO Office will proceed to finalize its scholarship selection reviews. The final confirmation of the scholarship recipients will be made by the end of July. The roster of the scholarship recipients will be submitted by the end of July to the Ministry of Education and the school they have been admitted to.

3. What privileges are there for Taiwan Scholarship recipients?

Once your application is finally approved, you will receive one copy of the Scholarship Certificate Letter issued by your designated TECO office for you to keep as an honor. The certificate is also used as a personal financial statement shown to schools and for applying for the visa to enter Taiwan, as well as for obtaining an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for legally staying in Taiwan afterwards.
As a national scholarship recipient, your application for visa will be honored by the Visa Section of your local TECO office, which means it is issued free of charge. Please do remember to enclose your Taiwan Scholarship certificate letter with our visa applicat, fail to do so may result in a fee charge.
Taiwan Scholarship recipients are eligible to apply for a Resident Visa directly without waiting four months after enrollment. However, please note that the holders of resident visas need to apply for ARCs within two weeks of entering Taiwan or else will be fined by the government.
Recipients will be invited to attend an orientation organized by their designated TECO office, usually in August, to better understand the living and study environment in Taiwan. It is also a chance to meet and exchange with returning recipients before new recipients depart for Taiwan.

4. Other Important Information:

For important information regarding the scholarship, such as re-applying, renewal, suspension, revocation and insurance, please refer to the FAQ  section.