The Ministry of Education, R.O.C. Special Scholarship
for American Colleges Students

The government of the Republic of China has made a firm commitment to the promotion of academic and cultural exchange and the building of understanding between nations based on knowledge and mutual respect. As an example of this commitment, the Ministry of Education offers various scholarships designed to encourage foreign students to pursue their studies in Republic of China (on Taiwan). Every year some 300 General Scholarships are offered, carrying a monthly stipend of NT$15,000 or NT$20,000 for 6 or 12 months. General Scholarships are granted for students pursuing a degree at an institute of higher education in the Republic of China or for students studying Chinese at accredited Chinese language centers. In addition, the Ministry of Education makes available Special Scholarships for students from countries whose governments or specified academic institutions have made particular agreements with the Republic of China. Special Scholarships carry a monthly stipend of NT$25,000. For more regulatory information regarding General Scholarship and Special Scholarship please refer to "Guidelines for Foreign Student Scholarship Applications" (in Chinese only). The following is some basic information regarding the Special Scholarship that the MOE offers to American students recommended by higher education institutions within service area of this office:


Grantor: Ministry of Education, Republic of China

Numbers of Special Scholarship Offered Every Year:

  • To University of California, Los Angeles: Two (2)/One Year
  • To University of California, Irvine: Two (2)/One Year
  • To University of California, San Diego: Two (2)/One Year
  • To California State University, Long Beach: Two (2)/One Year
  • To University of Arizona: Two (2)/One Year
  • To University of Southern California: Four (4)/Six Months

(For information regarding this scholarship offered to institutions in areas other than Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii, please contact our other Cultural Division offices in your area.)

Duration of Scholarships / Certificate:

  • This scholarship is basically granted to each recipient for one school year (from September to August of the following year). The award cannot be deferred.
  • A certificate will be issued by Chinese Language Centers (such as Center of Chinese Language and Culture, formerly Mandarin Training Center of National Taiwan Normal University, or other Language Centers accredited by the Ministry of Education) upon completion.

Award Benefits Upon Arrival at the the Chinese Language Centers accredited by the Ministry of Education:

  • A monthly stipend of NT25,000.00 (NT$35= U.S.$1, subject to change) will be given in care of the Chinese Language Center (Please note that during  studies at the Chinese Language Centers, if the student should take a leave of absence, fail to maintain academic performance, or commit a major offense against university regulations, the scholarship would be terminated.  If the student becomes absent for classes in excess of ten days per month, then the scholarship for that month would be suspended.)

Cost Sharing:

  • A student selected for this award is responsible for all tuition fees, housing, health insurance, travel costs and any other fees or/and expenses.



  • United States of America

Academic Preparation:

  • Full-time undergraduate/graduate student at the above mentioned institutions.

  • Must have a GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale.

  • Have been studying Chinese for at least one year or above.


Selection Process:

  • Interested students should submit completed ˇ§Application Form For Scholarshipsˇ¨ of the Ministry of Education, Republic of China to the specified institution listed below.

  • Each institution will nominate its candidates and forward the application forms to the Cultural Division, TECO in Los Angeles before April 10 for reviewing.  The forms will then be sent back to the Ministry of Education (MOE) for further processing.

  • Successful applicants will be notified by the Cultural Division, TECO in Los Angeles after MOE announces the official results in May.  The scholarship recipients should then submit completed applications to one of the Accredited Chinese Language Centers that they intend to study at.

  •  Scholarship recipients are required to mail a copy of the admission letter along with information of proposed date of arrival in Taiwan to the Cultural Division, TECO in Los Angeles no later than July 15.  If the scholarship recipients are unable to turn in the above-mentioned materials before the specified date, they should provide written statement explaining the reasons.  Fail to do so will result in the cancellation of the scholarship.

  •  Should the scholarship recipients are unable to make the study trip, the specified institutions may nominate other students for the scholarship if the time frame allows.

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